Pick the Next Mets Uni

Don’t look now but the Mets are finally getting around to considering changes to their uniforms. And not all good ones, it looks like.

Some friends at the Crane Pool Forum passed along this online survey that I encourage you to take. The Mets appear to be toying with the idea of dropping black (probably eight years too late, but they’ve never been too quick on the uptake) and seem to want opinions on keeping or removing the trim around the buttons and collars (I find myself divided depending on the look) and on white vs. off-white. They also look fairly determined to introduce a radical “alternate” next season, perhaps a version of the vest above, or, please God, no, the nauseating armpit-racing-stripe overdesign below.


A is for Awful; B is for Barf


I’m an admirer of the Mets traditional look but not as hostile as some to changing it up now and again.And I’d certainly prefer to see them mix in the tradional orange-and-blue into any design they come up with, so if they’re going to go with something new next year, give me Vest A, I guess.

They’ve also been kind enough to ask, in so many words, how offensive you find the appalling lack of Met character at the new ballpark. There’s a space for comments, please remark upon the astonishing lack of a Mets Hall of Fame there and encourage them to build one and then name me the curator.

What are your opinions?  I’m especially interested to hear your thoughts on the theoretical alternates.

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