Why Ask for More When He Knows What’s in Store?

Stop beating on Oliver Perez, everybody.

46He’s pitched terribly this year, for sure, but the next guy who smugly explains away his struggles to a “10-cent head” is gonna get it. For one thing, most jocks are thick, and being a little slow out there is a virtue sometimes, if you insist on a literal interpretation of the remark. But I think there’s more to it than that. A physical injury, particularly a non-deblilitating but bothersome one such as tendonitis, is a perfectly reasonable explanation (not to mention consistent with Dan Warthen‘s complaint that Perez showed up out of shape this year) if only Ollie were offered the same benefit of the doubt as, for example, a teammate who also appears to struggle with control and confidence and makes problems for the bullpen by failing to last too deep into games.

No, I’m not encoraging the cheap shots extend to John Maine, just pointing out that what Perez needs now is rest and the same support his teammates should expect. There is plenty more to worry about.

Like, for instance, his replacement in the rotation for now, Jonathon Niese, recalled upon Ollie’s assignment to the DL. Still wearing No. 49, Niese gave the Mets a few good outings, and a few not-so-good ones, late last season.It appears Niese will last only until the organization thinks Tim Redding is ready. In case you forgot, Redding was wearing No. 44 when a string of bad starts indicated a ten-cent head injury in St. Lucie this spring.

In other news, Casey Fossum refused a demotion to Buffalo and signed instead with the Yankees. Loser.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Chris C. (not verified) on Fri, 05/08/2009 – 8:01am.
    I agree on the Oliver Perez thoughts. While sports radio hosts need to be sensational and controversial to gain ratings, fans themselves need to keep a coller head about this.
    I was one of the many who wanted the Mets to re-sign Perez over Lowe for several reasons including: Perez is younger; he is a lefty flamethrower, he was looking better in the second half of last year in coming back from adversity; he was a bit cheaper and he has actually pitched and WON big games in New York (can we say that about many sub-28 year-old pitchers in MLB these days?).

    He has the ability to beat big teams in big spots when healthy. I still stand by the Perez decision today as he tries to get it back together. Give him a chance to redeem himself; he has been a more-than-adequate #3 pitcher since he arrived.

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