True Stories

Back in college I knew a girl who thought the John Fogarty song “centerfield” was about airline travel.

“Put me in coach,” right?

Right. And thanks to MBTN reader David, we can officially put in the coaches for the 2009 Mets, at least their assigned numbers:

Luis Alicea51

Razor Shines52

Randy Niemann55

David also provided news the Mets would suit Tony Armas in No. 91.

For Niemann, 55 marks his sixth different Met uni number: He wore Nos. 46and 40 over parts of two seasons as a player and 4548, and 52 previously as a coach. Alicea, whom I’ve already mentally confused with Luis Aguayo, and Shines are new to the Mets this year.

* * *

A different David, this one the MBTN technical guy, in the meantime has been working behind the scenes to arrange the data by year, a first for MBTN. You may see above, alongside arrangements listing players alphabetically and by number, the Rosters by Year link takes you to a page from which you can call up a list of all the players who served during a particular season. The numerical proceeding looks a little goofy but hopefully we can solve that eventually.

Consider this innovation the first little bit of the site’s 10th anniversary celebration. MBTN went live for the first time, Feb. 22, 1999, 10 years ago Sunday.


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