Nine Men In (updated)

Thanks to Gene for the title and inspiration: The Mets on Monday are expected to activate nine and/or returning new players as rosters expand. Below are my predictions for their unis. Be like Gene, hurry and make yours before gametime Monday!

Player ActualPredictedNumber Notes
Jon Niese, LHP 62 47 49
I love this call Shades of Humber
Bobby Parnell, RHP 39 His number throughout the minors. Guessed right!
Ricardo Rincon, LHP 73 That’s his number… and still is
Al Reyes, RHP 44 29 36 Got some personality
Carlos Muniz, RHP 32 His number previously
Gustavo Molina, C 30 12 29
Glavine and now Willie. We really are moving on Oh well
Ramon Martinez, INF 16 22
I barely knew we had this guy
Argenis Reyes, INF 4 Right where we left off
Marlon Anderson, UT 18 9 My mistake!


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