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When the Mets play the White Sox in the annual Civil Rights Game exhibition March 29 in Memphis, they will wear special uniforms to commemorate the event. According to a news item today on Paul Lukas’s Uniwatch blog, they will look like the jersey pictured here (which, he reminds us, looked like the jerseys last year, when the Indians and Cardinals met).

As chronicled by Paul for the founding event a year ago, MLB officials explained the jerseys were “inspired by the simplicity of the Negro Leagues uniforms,” but its tough to figure out their style decisions all the same.

Good to see the Mets participating this season at any rate. I mean, it’s not Mercury Mets.

Funnier stuff for sure is detailed on Brooklyn Met Fan, where an associate down in St. Lucie whose t-shirts proclaiming CHOOSE LIFE… um, I mean, GO BIG PELF have caused a minor sensation with some members of the Mets.

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