Even though we prepared for it below we never said a proper goodbye to Travis d’Aranud, who as you may know since his release has been drifting across the country, trying new batting stances along the way. The erstwhile prospect was picked up his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers, dressed in No. 72, and had a single pinch hitting appearance until yesterday when he was shipped to Tampa Bay, where he’s something of their version of Devin Mesoraco, acquired because the starter and the backup were hurt. Not sure what number d’Arnaud will appear in, but it’ll be against the Yankees so we’ll wish him better luck than normal.

Speaking of Rays the Mets picked up one of theirs the other night as Wilmer Font showed up, worse No. 68, and pitched okay for a few innings in a disheartening Mets loss. Font is the third 68 in Mets history: You might recall 2019 NL MVP Jeff McNeil wore it last year for the Mets; before that, it was lefty reliever Dario Alvarez.

Next up is the pending Mets debut of Jed Lowrie, issued No. 4. We’re also anticipating a potential reunion with Carlos Gomez who’s hitting well in AAA while Keon Broxton is not up here. Stay tuned!

Update: Travis wearing 37 in Tampa and… making plays!


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  1. Maury-O says:

    Just looking through the all team numerical roster and was wondering if you know why it took until 1979 until the Mets finally issued #46 (neil Allen)?

  2. 9th String Catcher says:

    I predict Travis will have somewhat of a rebirth somewhere. Good pitch framer, decent bat and good teammate. Having him back up Ramos never made any sense, as he’s not enough of a defensive or offensive upgrade and he gets hurt often. But he’s still a quality player who might just fit in with an offensively minded team. Good luck, TDA.

  3. Maury-O says:

    Looking at the all time Mets numerical roster I noticed #46 wasn’t issued until 1979 (Neil Allen)…Do you know if there is any reason for this?

  4. Chris says:

    Wearing #37 in Tampa, and you could look it up.

  5. Matt B says:

    The all time numerical roster is seems to beincorrect–according to, the following guys wore #46 prior to Neil Allen.
    Paul Siebert 1977
    Craig Swan 1973
    Dan Shaw 1967-68
    Bill Hepler 1966
    Ralph Terry 1966

    • Jon Springer says:

      Hey– I don’t believe any of them are correct but I will double check. It’ll be a project!

      • Jon Springer says:

        All 5 of those numbers are listed as such in Jack Looney’s NOW BATTING NUMBER… which must be what baseball-ref is using as their source.

        I just poured thru the Daily News archives and see no reference to Swan wearing 27 or 46 but he only made 3 appearances and since sources list both numbers for him that year it’s likely that if Swan wore 46 it would have been for his debut, a start in a memorial day DH Sept. 3 and possibly for a relief appearance Sept. 15 (both home games). He also appeared on Sept. 17 on the road. It’s possible the club didn’t have a 46 road jersey or 27 home jersey. I’ll need to locate my scorecards from September of 1973 to check that one.

  6. Matt B says:

    Gomez on his way to Miami. All of the numbers he has previously worn are unavailable (27,22,14,30). I am going with #25.

  7. Chris says:

    Video on Twitter shows Gomez talking to reporters in front of a locker with #91 above it.

  8. Gordon says:

    91. They’re not even trying. How do you expect someone to play well when you give him that number? What’s next – no number at all?

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