The Hard Facts About 15

The following is a guest post from longtime friend of MBTN, Edward “Bunt the first Two” Hoyt:

“They got rid of Reynolds.”

>”Well, they designated him for assignment. He may yet survive.”

“I liked him.”

> “Well, I did too. I guess he was just the most expendable and the least claim-able guy on the roster to their estimation. A lot of people’s estimation, I would guess. To tell you the truth, this isn’t a big surprise to the fellers at the Crane Pool.”

“Eff the stupid Crane Pool! It’s not fair!”

> “Son, I’m going to look past that first sentence of yours. About the other part, well, I’m your father, and I guess that means that I’m supposed to have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of wisdom. But I suppose you’re starting to realize that I don’t know a helluva lot, and apart from the whole playing-in-traffic thing, I’m not all that wiser than you, and pretty soon I won’t be fooling your sister either. But there’s one thing I DO know. I know it as well as I do anything. And the sooner you know it too, the better.”

“What’s that?”

> “The minute — and I mean the very minute — that Matt Reynolds decided it was OK to keep wearing 15 after Tim Tebow joined the organization, it was over. He was a walking dead man.”

“Holy shit!”

> “What idiot thinks he can wear Tebow’s number? For fuck’s sake, it’s Florida.”

“Wow! You’re smart, Daddy.”

> “Don’t tell your mother about the F-bombs. Did you do your homework?”


> “Well, I’m gonna have to trust you on that. Good night.”

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  1. Matt B says:

    DiComo tweeted out some new Mets uni numbers:

    Anthony DiComo‏Verified account
    Follow Follow @AnthonyDiComo
    New Mets uniform numbers of note:

    10 – Gary DiSarcina
    20 – Ruben Amaro Jr.
    21 – Todd Frazier
    23 – Adrian Gonzalez
    36 – Mickey Callaway
    38 – Anthony Swarzak
    56 – Tom Slater
    58 – Dave Eiland
    59 – Jose Lobaton
    83 – Tim Tebow

  2. Tebow’s making the ol’ man look stupid so far.

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