Got Wilk?


The Mets this morning announced that Matt Harvey has been suspended and so this afternoon’s game will be started by Adam Wilk, up from AAA Las Vegas. Wilk is wearing No. 35.

While fans are speculating the strategically placed dildo was to blame I’m sure there’s more to it than that. For one thing that would indicate there’s a team rule against placing dildoes in lockers. For another it overlooks the pattern of sketchy Harvey nightlife, which I’m sure at some level explains this. I also trust it’ll be sussed out soon.

What a whack team we root for.

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  1. Tom Swidorski says:

    And Tommy Milone gets #…?

  2. 9th string catcher says:

    So hard to root for this team sometimes. The wife beaters aren’t a problem, but a guy who skips the game before a start gets yanked. And, no problem, it’s not like we have any trouble coming up with decent starting pitching. This could be the most tone deaf decision they’ve made in quite a while. Harvey might be a Yankee fan, a diva and a pain in the ass, but he’s a huge part of whether or not this team has a chance this year. And as usual, the Mets brass is sketchy with the details. Sorry, I’m with Harvey on this one, at least based on the little info I have.

    • Jon Springer says:

      Not to condone any form of beating but those guys at least paid a price as well.

      To me Harvey’s been a dumb jock who from day 1 exhibited questionable priorities and almost imcomprehensibly tone-deaf decision-making (qualcomm, drives an Escalade, believed his dark-knight hype to the point where it needlessly drove him into conflict with the org, dumb as it may be, too many times, and — in my wild unfounded suspicion — likes cocaine enough to come out on the mound with a mysterious bleeding nose, sneaks a quick bump before the final inning of crucial world series games, oversleeps on multiple occasions, sucks in certain day games). Other than that I like him.

      I don’t think the Mets suspend him without pay for a first offense, and I know they know he’ll fight them on this so I can’t imagine they haven’t thought this through. Some guys never get it.

  3. Chris says:

    If the Mets didn’t do something, then that sends a message that Harvey can do what he wants regardless of his on-field performance. Showing up for your job on time is a common thing. Contacting the appropriate person if you can’t make it is also a common expectation.
    At this point, I wouldn’t miss Harvey if they unloaded him for a power-hitting third baseman or a catcher who doesn’t go on the DL after a soft sneeze.

  4. Kermit says:

    Have they announced Milone’s number yet? They jersey in the background starts with a 2 in this video – maybe 29?

  5. Chris says:

    Per Rotoworld, the Twins claimed Wilk off waivers.

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