Sixth Sense

Today a friend of MBTN pointed out the following tweet:

Could it be Robert Gsellman dumps his 65… for 6? Well, anything’s possible, and despite this being a training jersey worn in an offseason workout with kids in a minor league park, it was taken last week, and the combo of Name-On-Back and number make it look suggestive of something.

However, a little investigation on my own reveals this wasn’t the first time Gsellman appeared in a No. 6 training jersey, as weird as that may seem. He appears to be wearing the same outfit pictured in this mugshot (date unknown but he looks about 19 and a half), which some outlets trotted out upon Gsellman’s promotion to the Majors for the first time last summer, when he of course was issued 65. So I don’t think this particular change is actually a thing. He probably just had that one hanging around.

That said, I think there’s a good argument for Gsellman to change into some other number before we see him pitch next. Just goofing off here, but it would be interesting if the Mets could right the numerical wrongs of the past seasons an execute a multiplayer uni swap whereby Gsellman and Jacob deGrom switch to 35 and 36, respectively. That would give the club an unprecedented starting rotation in consecutive numbers (Matz 32, Harvey 33, Syndergaard 34, Gsellman 35 and deGrom 36). deGrom and Gsellman are interchangeable in this scenario but I kept deGrom in the even number. That move requires Sean Gilmartin to take on a new number, perhaps the vacant 46 or deGrom’s 48, as the relievers gather in 40s the same way their starting brethren do in the 30s. I’d move Seth Lugo and Gabriel Ynoa to this neighborhood as well,¬†with 40 and 48 also available in this scenario. This also leaves Zack Wheeler alone at 45 but I’m imagining he’s bullpen bound for now.

No. 6 by the way still belongs to coach Pat Roessler, as far as I can tell.


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  1. 9th string catcher says:

    I like the idea a lot. I hate all the good numbers gobbled up by coaches. Although I’d leave DeGrom alone and put Lugo in 36. Give the coaches 57-65.

  2. Gene F. says:

    In the absence of Rubin, David Lennon has posted the full camp roster on the Twizzler broken down numerically, alphabetically, and by position. If you flip it over they are listed alphabetically according to height, as Casey would have wanted it.

  3. Matt B says:

    I am disappointed that TJ Rivera, Gsellman and Lugo are still stuck with high numbers when lower ones are available.

    • Gene F. says:

      Agreed, Matt. TJ would look good in 11, Gsellman in 35 and Lugo in 28 or 29. I guess they have all those game used 54s, 65s and 67s to peddle.

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