Stinky Mets Stink

34You probably don’t need much less want a reminder that the Mets are really stinking up the joint out there and giving back darn near all they gained as a result of that magical win streak, if that actually happened at all and wasn’t a figment of our imaginations like a successful sacrifice bunt. Boy do they stink.

The last bit of bad news is Dilson Hererra’s injury: He’s on the DL now and Eric Campbell is on the way back. Why the Mets won’t pull the trigger on Matt Reynolds is a bit¬†puzzling but I think they’re stubbornly committed to doing all they can do to stick with the Flores-at-shortstop plan, even when seemingly better options are out there. At times, it reminds one of 2004 when they committed to — and stuck with — Kaz Matsui at shortstop over Jose Reyes long after it was apparent they could and should have reversed course.

I’m still of the mind that Flores isn’t a bad idea. Leave him be, and he might hit 20 home runs, which is a lot for a shortstop and just might turn out to be a lot for a Met this year. And in a lineup with adequate production elsewhere, it would be especially good but we’re not getting those things right now while David Wright and his 60-year-old body recovers from whatever ails him and Travis d’Arnaud heals a broken finger.

Though you don;t like to see an injury be the case, Hererra it seems could use some more seasoning in the minors anyway, as could Kevin Plawecki.

Have you guys met Noah Syndergaard yet? He’s wearing No. 34.

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  1. Matt B says:

    So Darrell Ceciliani is coming up to probably take Kirk’s spot….I say he gets #1. The next lowest completely unassigned number is #46 right now, and that would be weak. Unless they want to just give him Kirk’s #9, which I don’t think they will do.

  2. Chris Sullivan says:

    Isn’t #30 unassigned as well?

  3. Gordon says:

    What about 6 or 30? They’re available too

  4. gallace says:

    Here’s hoping he merits some Strawberry-type “Darrr-rrrelll” chants.

  5. Matt B says:

    Brandon Allen wore #30 in Spring Training….They might save it for him if he is called up. The new assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler took #6 when den Dekker was traded. We shall see….

  6. Jon Springer says:

    I’m a big Darrell Ceciliani fan and worried that he was hitting too well to become the 1,000th Met as predicted here. 1 would be a bold choice for him. He showed up in a spriong training game once wearing No. 0, that would be a statement.

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