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The Mets today are expected to announce they’ve reached an agreement to keep reserve catcher Ramon Castro in the No. 11 jersey for the next two years (though the agreement requires a physical, so you never know). We may also learn soon whether Yorvit Torrealba (spellcheck wants to call him “Orbit Terrible”) accepts an offer to be Castro’s partner. The Torrealba bid may in the end resemble the Ramon Hernandez/Begie Molina teases of a few years ago, where the Mets dangled some cash in front of the free agent catchers but gave them a short window to decide: When the players delayed, the Mets swiftly pursued Paul LoDuca in the trade market. So if Torrealba is truly en route, we ought to know soon. And if not, let’s hope the team won’t overlook such trade targets as the Diamondbacks’ Miguel Montero, who looks like a hitter and as a lefty, would make a great platoonmate for Castro.

We may also know soon enough whether the Mets’ unofficial mothballing of the No. 8 jersey will continue, as Torrealba currently sports that number for the Rockies. The Mets have not issued No. 8 since Gary Carter’s induction to the Hall of Fame. Castro’s return, by the way, would represent yet another two years of No. 11 — a jersey that has appeared on at least one Met player in all but three seasons (1967, 1968 and 2002) in Mets history.

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