Without 28

28I’m not going to lie and say Daniel Murphy was ever my favorite Met, but there’s no denying his Met-ness.

Now that it looks like his career with the Mets has come to an end Murphy departs having accounted for more than one-fourth of all games ever played by a guy wearing No. 28 — nearly 40% among position players. His lead over the next most active 28, John Milner, is exactly 162 games and almost 1,000 at-bats.

No Met 28 had any more hits, runs scored, doubles, triples, RBI and stolen bases than Murphy (Milner had more home runs); none were a bigger force in the postseason; no player made you crazier behind brilliant and brilliantly awful plays than Murphy.

52Now that Murphy has officially declined a “qualifying offer,” and it appears as though Yoenis Cespedes is going away too (thanks, and, uh, see ya around, Yo), remaking the interior of the Mets is a priority for the offseason. I don’t think it’s a radical of me to suggest the Mets look to do so with an eye on preventing the kind of up-the-middle sloppiness that doomed them to a deserving humiliation in the World Series (a friend described the Mets’ play against Kansas City as a “dog’s breakfast.”)

My opinion on the best way of going about things could change still but how about we move Wilmer Flores to second base, sign free agent Denard Span, and trade with the Red Sox for shortstop Xander Bogaerts? If and when Dilson Hererra forces his way up, Flores becomes the New Muprhy: Filling in at second, third and (if necessary) short.

Span — at least when healthy — is a nice player who can complement Lagares (he bats left, reaches base exceptionally well, steals bases).

2The Bogaerts part of my plan I admit is a bit of a reach, and might mean parting with Matt Harvey, but 22 year old shortstops like him don’t grow on trees. And it might be more realistic than the Matt-Harvey-for-Mookie-Betts talk out there, as much sense as that makes if only to acquire a Mookie.

Conflict in the making: Both Bogaerts and Span wear No. 2.

Ian Desmond, who could replace Murphy’s offense easily and improve the defense at short, is another possibility if you can’t part with the cost of acquiring a guy by trade.

46I warned you guys about Tyler Clippard, who wound up pretty much like all 46s do, but all the same bullpen upgrades should hardly ever be a priority. I suppose there’s an opportunity to add a few arms to the mix, but there almost always is.

10Congrats to Terry Collins on the new deal, I’m shocked he ever made it this far but he’s grown on me: Complaints about bullpen management come with every guy, but in general I haven’t felt like Terry gives up anything strategically to the other team’s manager, and in the case of the Nationals he beat them badly. As noted above I’d like to see his teams get a little better at the little things, and hope he’ll be held accountable when they don’t.

Your thoughts on the offseason?


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  1. George says:

    I think Uribe should have worn 6 instead of 2. Uribe was going to leave as a free agent anyway so why not give him the most heavily used number in team history?

  2. Bill McEvoy says:

    I agree with you on Span. But I think if the Mets get him, or someone of his caliber, there’ll be nothing left in the pot for any more free agents. So the team will likely be looking at downgrades at at least one position, the bench, & the bullpen. This off season will be Sandy’s most challenging ever.

  3. Chris says:

    Rotoworld reports that Bob Gereb is heading west to become the Dodgers’ bench coach.

  4. Chris says:

    Rotoworld reports that Bob Geren is heading west to become the Dodgers’ bench coach.

  5. ALF tanner says:

    Think Conforto will switch to Geren’s old 15? If I remember right, Conforto wore 15 in the minors.

    • Jon Springer says:

      Great point! I’m in favor of getting coaches out of the “regular” numbers they’ve been occupying lately (and players of the coaches’ numbers too!) Amazin if it would be the second occurrance of the same coach occupying a number that a player sought.

      • ALF Tanner says:

        Agreed regarding the coaches. I can’t remember any team having so many coaches in good numbers. Collins is entitled to 10, and Teufel can take any number he wants as an ’86er, but Geren in 15, Bones in 25, Goodwin in 26, and Roessler in 6? That’s just krazy.

        If the Mets get Zobrist, I suspect Teufel will continue to be the good guy he’s always been (except at Cooter’s!) and let BZ have his customary 18. Let the speculation begin on what TT will take next, and why. I’d love to see Tim back in 11 – maybe he can convince Ruben that he won’t get hurt as much in a different number???

  6. […] from Pirates fans over Walker’s limited range at second base. If so, the Mets are giving me something less than I’d hoped while patching up the team: that is, give themselves a better chance through better fundamental […]

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