Your City Needs You

47Oh well. When you get down to it I didn’t expect we’d win even 11 straight. And if I’m being truly honest I’m a little surprised we didn’t tailspin at the Wright injury, much less the d’Arnaud one, but even amid the joyousness of the streak it was clear the lineup misses them, win or lose. Get well soon David and Travis: Your city needs you.

And look: It’s not like I’m rooting against Daniel Murphy but how long can any lineup withstand a 5th-place hitter doing what he’s been doing to the Mets? That “don’t worry, he’ll get his 185 hits” line is the kind of thing they say instead of what I’m about to: He’s fortunate that the majority of his would-be job-takers (Reynolds, Herrera, Flores) all bat righthanded. You know who’d be a great second baseman for this team? Chase Utley, that’s who. Would I consider giving the Phillies Syndergaard and Plawecki for him? Yes I would.

One positive Friday if you stuck around long enough was an impressive debut of Hansel Robles, who wore No. 47. He throws high gas. I’m suspicious of Bobby Parnell’s ability to bounce back from neck and elbow surgery in consecutive years and Vic Black in my view still needs to demonstrate he’s going to be worth waiting for. Relievers: In, out, churn. Get injured at your own risk.


0Big thanks to my pal Dirk over at No-No Hitters who volunteered his services in replacing the old black-shadowed numerals on the site with new ones. The change is subtle but like on the Mets unis, it’s a big improvement.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Jack Leathersich #993

  2. […] knows. If we’re lucky he’ll craft together as good a few months as Hansel Robles, who once upon a time was a stealthy minor league prospect who slipped into the bullpen. Bashlor will wear No. 49, last […]

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