Touching Base

The Mets saved their season with two great wins this weekend after nearly burning it all away Friday.

Quick note to point out Jesse Spector’s Touching Base Column in the Daily News Sunday, which did a nice job on the proliferation of Mets No. 6s. Also, a reminder that I will be at the Queens Library in Flushing tonight (Monday, July 7), around 6 p.m., to speak about the Mets, baseball and writing with Greg Spira, co-editor of Meet the Mets. 41-17 Main Street, (718) 661-1200.

Just in case the AL needs to win home-field advantage in the late innings, Billy Wagner will be representing the Mets at the All-Star game. Has there been a more unlikeable Met than Wags? Or is it just me?

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    It’s not you! Bring on

    Submitted by thepcp (not verified) on Sun, 07/06/2008 – 11:09pm.
    It’s not you! Bring on Duaner…

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    Kent Touch This Jeff Kent

    Submitted by met silverman (not verified) on Tue, 07/08/2008 – 1:31pm.
    Kent Touch This
    Jeff Kent was so damned annoying it took me 10 years to admit that it was a horrible, horrible deal to get rid of him. And many people didn’t like Dave Kingman, but I–and perhaps a few who were kids when he came to the Mets in ’75–would wager that he had the most majestic HRs to left field in Shea history.

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    See I thought Kent was

    Submitted by Jon Springer on Tue, 07/08/2008 – 3:15pm.
    See I thought Kent was frustrating but I never hated him. And Vince Coleman and Bonilla were jerks on jerk teams: They didn’t ever stand out for me.

    But Wagner… he gets away with being a dead-ringer of Amando Benitez statistically by crafting this personna of a stand-up guy by admitting “responsibility” for the 2-strike, 2-out, 2-run homer we all just saw him cough up.

    Beyond that, he goes around ripping teammates, former teams, management, etc with the courage only an ironclad trade-protected contract could provide. I want my relief pitchers to be tough facing the other team; I could care less how tough they come off when taking questions from Michael Kay.

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    While I despised Tommie Herr

    Submitted by Gene F. (not verified) on Tue, 07/08/2008 – 3:58pm.
    While I despised Tommie Herr on sight, my most hated Met is definitely Tony Fernandez, who woofed his way through part of his only season with the Mets before returning to Toronto by way of Lourdes, apparently.

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