Hot to Trot

Word came late this evening that the Mets had traded with the D-backs Tucson farm club to acquire veteran outfielder Trot Nixon. It’s unclear at the moment when Nixon might arrive or for whom; but you can be sure they are covering a helmet in scuzz for his arrival.

Nixon, who I read once grew up a Met fan enamored of the ’86ers, is most associated with No. 7, his uni in Boston for many years. More recently he wore 33 in Cleveland (and in Tucson), but neither of those figures are available presently. Gene in the comments section argues for No. 47 — what’s not to like about that? — but we’ll be satisfied with the No. 4 Robinson “Brilliant But” Cancel turns in if/when he’s demoted again. Cancel you may have heard got the call Friday when the Mets officially returned Moises Alouback to his rightful homeland of the Disablican Republic.

Have you noticed by the way the offense completely tanks every time Alou threatens to return to the team, and then again during that “limbo period” when he may or may not be available? For a team with as many mental problems as this one has, asking it to rely on a player who’s not there for them is just unfair. They’re wanting enough as it is.

I don’t care that much if they fire Willie or not. But if its Wagner who gets him fired I pray he’s next. The Yankees seem to be in need of an egomaniacal setup man. Give us Austin Jackson and we’ll call it a deal.

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