Welcome Back (Again)

If you’re just arriving from metsbythenumbers.com, or from the new links, welcome to the “new” MBTN.net. While there is still some work to do on navigating to old posts, arranging the roster in date view, and re-entering some of the old features and photos, the site is back to stay in this form and at this address. If you registered at the old site I’m afraid you will have to re-register here. Sorry it took so long. As discussed below, we’d made good progress toward a new site a year ago, but junked it when it didn’t work as well as I’d have liked it to.

Take note of the poll beneath the links on the left column, a new link above for the upcomingMets by the Numbers book, and of course the alphabetical and numerical rosters that include all players, coaches and managers in Mets history. The small rectangles beneath the copy categorize stories by subject, and the green “read more” rectangle means there’s more to read (duh).
If you have questions, or encounter something that doesn’t work, you can use the contact form or email me at mbtn01 /at/ gmail/ d.ot. /com/
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