Ditching the Black

A note in the latest UniWatch column by Paul Lukas suggests inside knowledge that the Mets willdial back the black this season and noted evidence of such exists already in some of the team’s marketing materials (pocket schedules and the mets.com homepage banner; not to mention Subway and bus-mounted advertisements I happened to notice something different about myself). This is certainly a welcome piece of news and portends, we suspect, to a return to more traditional jersey to coincide with the 2009 Citifield opening. For reasons we’re not entirely sure of, baseball authorities require especially early advance notice of plans to change the official uniform so if a change is in the offing we should be able to smell it now.

Speaking of new looks, a “soft” opening for this here new mbtn page was met with yawns from some of its intended audience. Ideally, the finished product would retain the distinct look and feel of the old site, just with additional functionality and ease of use. Work in progress.

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