Ghost of a Chance

Many thanks to MBTN readers Bob, Dennis, Jason, and Pete for their help in the continuing fight to catch errors, right wrongs and find cool stuff.

Bob points out that reliever Dean Chance, acquired as the clock ticked on the 1970 season, woreNo. 27, not 32, in his few appearances with the Mets. Both Pete & Jason pointed out a September 1966 scorecard floating around on the Internet that cracks the case on several unsolved mysteries from late that season including Danny Napoleon (16 not 48); Larry Miller (35 not 16); Darrell Sutherland 43; Greg Goossen 10; and Sean Fitzmaurice 5. Dick Rusteck remains mysterious: He (may have?) wore No. 40 that September. Jason also pointed out several inconsistencies on the all-time list (mainly typos and dates) that we intend fix and note shortly on the Most Wanted page. Many thanks!
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