Cleon Jones in 12

Thanks to MBTN reader Pete for finding and identifying this rare photo of Cleon Jones. As he notes: It shows Cleon Jones looking to be wearing the #12 Jersey with the World’s Fair patch which would be from 1965. The picture is taken at Wrigley Field. The Mets were there In late July and Mid-September of ’65 after Jesse Gonder who had been wearing #12 was traded on July 21st of that year. It is probably from the September trip because Ron Hunt (#33) is in the picture and he was on the disabled list from May 11th until August 5th of ’65. That confirms our suspicions that Jones did indeed wear No. 12 that year (after his recall Sept. 1, precisely) and officially qualifies him among three-numbered Mets (he wore 34 prior to ’65 and 21 after). Thanks, Pete!

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