Willie and the Boz

Willie Randolph, as quoted by Bill Madden in the Daily News: “I’m gonna wear No. 12. Why? You remember Ken Boswell? Second baseman on the ’69 team? He was my favorite player growing up. No. 12. It’s a nice number.”

We remember Ken Boswell too, and even if his sideburns might not fly in Willie’s clubhouse, it speaks well of the new Met manager that he has a sense of his place in history. This is probably a natural result of the era we grew up, but 12 has always seemed more Boswellian to us than Kent-like or Alomarish. And as glorified ticket salesman Darryl Strawberry makes a grand reappearance at Shea this weekend, may it serve as a reminder of this team’s horribly miscast former manager, who wore No. 18 but was no George Theodore either.

We found Madden’s piece, by the way, from a link at the extraordinary new blog co-authored by veteran MBTN reader Greg — highly recommended for fans of good writing and historical Metdom.

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