Play Ball!

Since we last saw the Mets, trudging off the field as last-place embarrasments, it’s been consistently cold and nasty outside, the Jets fell out of the playoffs, the Knicks and Rangers sucked, the Yankees spent another $45 million; there’s armed guards in the Subways and a war is raging. Are we ready or what? On Monday, MBTN welcomes the following players to the Mets All-Time Numerical Roster (pending “official” game status): Rey Sanchez 10; Graeme Lloyd 17; Cliff Floyd 30; Mike Stanton 32; Jay Bell 44 and Tom Glavine 47.

And in new Uni Numbers: Joe McEwing 11; Jason Phillips 23; Scott Strickland 28; and Jae Wong Seo 40.

Joining the All-Time Coaches and Managers List: Gary Pettis 2; Denny Walling 15; Art Howe 18; Don Baylor 25; Rick Waits 52; Verne Ruhle 53; Juan Lopez 60; and in a new number, Matt Galante 4.

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