The Big Takeover

More than a month has passed since we remarked on the lack of activity in Metville and still, activity lacks.

They’ve signed three fringe guys to minor league contracts (pitchers Cory Burns, Ben Rowen and Adam Wilk); and invited a bunch of their own minor league guys to camp (Chase Bradford, Xorge Carrillo, P.J. Conlon, Phillip Evans, Luis Guillorme, Kevin McGowan, David Roseboom, Paul Sewald, Dominic Smith, Champ Stuart, Travis Taijeron, Corey Taylor and Logan Taylor). They join the previously announced 40-man additions (Flexen, Molina, Nido, Rosario, Becerra).

Meantime we still have Jay Bruce but continue losing guys from the 2016 fringes: Alejandro De Aza has signed with Oakland; James Loney with Texas; Eric Campbell with Japan; Logan Verrett was sold to Baltimore; Bartolo Colon to Atlanta; Jim Henderson to the Cubs.

Jerry Blevins, Jon Niese, Kelly Johnson, and Fernando Salas remain free agents.

If I counted right that means 21 guys plus new coach Glenn Sherlock are now looking for number assignments. The Mets still haven’t updated their roster so at the moment the following numbers are vacant:

1, 8, 11, 16, 17, 28, 29, 35, 40, 46, 51, 53, 61, 64 and everything higher than 68.

39, 49, 55 and 59 are also available but I’m considering them technically in limbo until the free agents find new homes.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Gene F. says:

    Are you considering 24 as mothballed, but not 8 and 17?

  2. Matt B says:

    I think Gsellman and Lugo should get lower numbers this year. 65 and 67 were their Spring Training numbers. There were not a lot of available numbers last year when they came up, but now there are plenty.

  3. Chris says:

    Dave Racaniello wears #53.

    I could see T.J. Rivera taking a lower number, Racaniello moving back to #54, and Glenn Sherlock taking #53, which he often wore with Arizona.

  4. Jon Springer says:

    Yeah, I could see some switches: Kelly to 11; Rivera to 16. I’d also like to do something radical and switch Gsellman to 35 and deGrom to 36 (swapping with Gilmartin), Lugo to 40 and Ynoa to 46.

    That would provide 5 starters in consecutive numbers; cluster relievers in the 40s where they belong (I am assuming Wheeler and Lugo become relievers in this setup), and free up the 60s for the NRIs and newcomers.

    I’m going to present this idea at the Queens Baseball Conference this weekend!

    Thanks Chris, I always forget about Racaniello.

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