Hard Copy

So it turns out Kevin Kernan’s Sunday column in the Post saying Blevins would continue to wear 13 was inaccurate after all, and the online version has been altered┬áso as to clarify what we’d known going in: Blevins will wear 39, Cabrera 13.

Glad to see the Post stand up for accuracy but their transparency could use some work: The fact that the article has been altered isn’t acknowledged anywhere, and Kernan seems to have nuked his own tweets referring to the story. Not for nothing, but that makes my reporting look bad, not his.

Anyone have a hard copy of Sunday’s Post? I want to clear my name!

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  1. Gene F. says:

    Adam Rubin tweeted his list. It’s in a photo format, but here are the updates:

    9 – Bernadina
    22 – Goodwin
    23 – Scott
    38 – Warthen
    71 – Gomez

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