9Word came following last night’s harrowing win that Las Vegas outfielder and longtime personal fave Darrell Ceciliani was recalled and will be active for tonight’s game.

No word officially on who goes down yet but by means of a hint, Darrell is a lefthanded hitter capable of playing all three positions, a pretty good athlete and baserunner with a little bit of power but who strikes out more than you’d like to see, if not at Kirk Niuewenhuis levels.

I feel bad for Niuewy and am sure he has one of those hot streaks contained in his bat but the team can’t keep waiting for it to come around. Hopefully Kirk can avoid a waiver claim and get to work in AAA.

1That thing I said about being a Ceciliani fan is true by the way. I followed his progress through 5 minor league seasons as an adoptive parent at the Crane Pool Forum and know that observers think highly of his no-batting-gloves, all-out playing style. I’ve come to admire how he’s shrugged off a couple of injury-marred, disappointing seasons and 2 winters on the Rule 5 block and is now posting numbers that are almost as good as his promising debut season in Brooklyn all those years ago.

Ceciliani in fact wasn’t even invited to the big-league camp this year, although he made some appearances as a late-inning pinch hitter. At least once — I believe this was last spring training — he showed up wearing 0 but was also seen before wearing 93. At Vegas he wore 11, but carried other numbers in the minors.

If the Mets release or trade Nieuwenhuis I could see Ceciliani turn up in the vacated No. 9 but would agree with the commenters below that No. 1 looks like a good possibility. (Update: This is official!)

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  1. Howie R says:

    I predict Darrell gets #30. I dont see Brandon Allen being promoted anytime soon

  2. Tomswid says:

    Wish they would re-issue #24 already. Willie retired years ago, and was more famous as a Giant anyway. Secondly, about 00? That would interesting.

  3. Shorty says:

    On an unrelated but important MBTN note, DILLON GEE came off the disabled list Wednesday night and promptly lost his for the 37th time in his career. He now holds the Mets record for most losses by a pitcher wearing uniform #35. The record had been held by RICK REED (1997-2001).

    • Shorty says:

      … and now, CURTIS GRANDERSON has hit more home runs than anyone else wearing #3 for the Mets. Granderson has hit 28 homers; the Mets’ record for #3 had been CARL EVERETT (1995-1997). My childhood idol, BUD HARRELSON, managed to hit just 6 homers in more than 5,000 plate appearances wearing #3.

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