The Power of Five

I was too excited to notice it, but worth mentioning that last May 3, David Wright’s stunning, game-tying solo home run off Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel did more than spark one of the best wins of the season (the Mets rallied to win 7-5 in 10 innings at Turner Field). It also propelled Mets who wore No. 5 into the all-time lead for home runs-by-a-uni-number.

Wright, who finished 2013 with 222 career home runs – all while wearing No. 5 — has accounted for more than half of No. 5’s 407 total home runs. And his 18 last year was more than enough to overcome the men of No. 20, who’d led in this category for at least a decade and even got help last year with six fresh dingers from Anthony Recker. That group owes nearly half of its total to Wright mentor (and new Seattle coach) Howard Johnson’s 190 home runs

A solid 2014 season could see David Wright overtake the Mets’ all-time lead in home runs, yet the ever-increasing likelihood of his being the last player who’ll ever wear No. 5 as a Met will someday put this accomplishment in jeopardy.

(Thanks a million to Shorty for pointing this out in comments last year).

Following is a list of the Mets’ all-time Home Runs by Uni Number (through 2013). Note the tight race at positions 4-6 which could certainly change if the Mets give Lucas Duda a shot this year:

No. Home Runs Leaders
5 407 David Wright (222 and counting); John Olerud (63); Steve Henderson (35)
20 399 Howard Johnson (190); Tommie Agee (82); Jeromy Burnitz (37)
18 377 Darryl Strawberry (252); Joel Youngblood (38); Jose Valentin (18)
15 338 Carlos Beltran (149); George Foster (99); Jerry Grote (35)
9 335 Todd Hundley (123); Jim Hickman (56); Gregg Jefferies (42)
21 332 Carlos Delgado (104); Cleon Jones (92); Lucas Duda (44 and counting?)
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  1. hodges14 says:

    Glad to see you’re finally back, Jon. Believe me, I thought you’d quit altogether. Anyway, no mention of the fact that the trade chain continued this past season after about 8 years of inactivity? Just a heads up.

  2. Chris says:

    Hasn’t 21 passed 15 and 9 by now?

  3. Jon Springer says:

    Yes, Chris (sorry, there was some lag in uploading the comment)

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