Mets Throw Changeup

9In 13 years of chronicling Mets uni numbers I’ve been wrong lots of times but rarely when accompanied by the confidence with which I predicted Kirk Nieuwenhuis would show up in No. 22 I made below. It just seemed like a logical intersection of his minor league digits and current availability. Anyway, if you happen come across an inkling of the significance of No. 9, if there is any, please let me know. I should say by the way I have very little against 9 and think it looks great on an outfielder. The Mets in general look great without the black, don’t they? I don’t mean to get all Howie Rose on you.

In the meantime, I’ve been informed by mbtn reader Jason that bullpen catcher Dave Racianello is back wearing 54, which he’s had for years now. Not sure what that 79 thing was all about.

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