Mets by the Numbers, 2012

Number Player, pos (*-NRI) Notes
1 Vacant  Available for Tejada if he switches?
2 Justin Turner, inf  Revealed on Twitter he was born at 2:22
3 Josh Satin, inf
4 Mike Nickeas, C  Switches from 13 to accommodate Ronny Cedeno
5  David Wright, 3B
6 Omar Quintanilla*, inf  Wore 6 previously with Colorado
7  vacant  Treading carefully with Reyes’ old number
8  vacant  Maybe this is the year they honor Carter?
9  vacant  Was Ronny Paulino
10  Terry Collins, mgr
11  Ruben Tejada, inf  Could he switch (1, 9) for coach Tim Teufel?
12  Scott Hairston, of
13  Ronny Cedeno, inf
14  retired (Gil Hodges)
15  Val Pascucci*, of
16  Rob Johnson*, C
17  vacant  Would be 2 years straight, something’s up
18  vacant  Just saying: Hard to honor Carter, Hernandez and not Straw
19  Daniel Hererra*, rp
20  Adam Loewen*, of  Ike Davis (29) has asked about acquiring 20 previously
21  Lucas Duda, of
22  vacant  Was Willie Harris
23  Mike Baxter*, of
24  vacant  Limbo for Willie Mays
25  vacant  Was Chin-lung Hu.
26  vacant  Was Fernando Martinez
27  Pedro Beato, rp
28  Daniel Murphy, inf
29  Ike Davis, 1B
30  Josh Thole, C
31  vacant  Limbo for Mike Piazza (and John Franco, kind of)
32  Jenrry Meija  Remember him?
33  Vinny Rottino*, of
34  Mike Pelfrey, sp
35  Dillon Gee, sp
36  Chuck James*, rp
37  retired (Casey Stengel)
38  Garrett Olson*, rp  Was Capuano
39  Bobby Parnell, rp
40  Tim Byrdak, rp
41  retired (Tom Seaver)
42  retired-MLB (Jackie Robinson)
43  R.A. Dickey
44  Jason Bay  He should really change this
45  vacant  Was Isringhausen
46  Manny Acosta, rp
47  Miguel Batista, sp
48  Frank Francisco, rp  Would be first closer in 48 since Randy Myers (or Heilman)
49  Jon Niese, sp
50  vacant  “belongs to the fans” in 50th anniversary season
51  vacant
52  Ramon Ramirez, rp Mets roster also lists hitting coach Dave Hudgens in 52 (his 2011 uni). Ramirez was 52 for Giants last year
53  Jeremy Heffner, rp Mets roster also lists bullpen catcher Eric Langill in 53
54  Dave Racianello, bullpen coach
55  vacant  Likely a coach
56  Andres Torres, of  Same number he wore with Giants last year
57  Johan Santana, sp
58  Fernando Cabrera*, rp
59  Dan Warthen, pitching coach
60 Jon Rauch, rp  Same number with Diamondbacks, Twins last year
61 Jordanny Valdespin, inf
62 Lucas May, C
63 Chris Schwinden, sp
64 Josh Stinson, rp
65 Zach Lutz, inf
66 Armando Rodriguez, rp
67 Cesar Puello, of
68  Matt den Decker*, of  Remarked on Twitter he prefers 17 (his college number)
69  vacant
70 Matt Harvey*, sp
71 Wilmer Flores, inf
72 Kirk Niewenhuis, of
73 Robert Carson, rp
74 Reese Havens, inf
75 Juerys Familia, sp
76 Juan Lagares, of
77 DJ Carrasco, rp
78+  vacant

That’s what the current numerical roster looks like, see the notes column for further info.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by gored82 on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 8:50am.
    What’s wrong with Bay in 44?

    Submitted by Matt B on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 9:46am.
    I think Jon is joking around about Bay changing his number-He stinks in #44, so maybe he should change it to change his luck.

    Submitted by Jon Springer on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 9:49am.
    Bay should be wearing something less conspicuous than 44 for one thing, and he also needs to change his luck.

    I think the Mets screwed up when giving him 44. It was the number he had in Boston but for less than 2 seasons. He was a 38 in Pittsburgh, a little weird (Pirate numbers tend to run high) but at least it was modest. 44 on the Mets always seems to wind up on the back of guys who *think* they are power hitters but aren’t (Ryan Thompson, Lastings Milledge, Jay Payton) or in the case of Bay, an actual power hitter who isn’t one anymore.

    If I were Bay I’d be looking to cash in 44 for something like say, 9 or 23 or something.

    Submitted by gored82 on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 11:03pm.
    David Cone’s original number was 44. Obviously no power hitter there, lol!

    Submitted by Tswid (not verified) on Sat, 02/11/2012 – 4:19pm.
    If they retire 8 and 17, they have to consider 16 and 18 as well. I will always have a soft spot for Koosman, so I even think 36 should be considered. It just doesn’t look right for anyone else to wear it.

    Submitted by Nick C (not verified) on Tue, 02/21/2012 – 3:13pm.
    Heres the Mets new coaches #s with Geren wearing #7:

    Submitted by James (not verified) on Tue, 02/21/2012 – 9:00pm.
    In my own opinion, I think Tejada must consider taking the number 1. He has been playing for the team for quite some time now and basing on his track record, he has been faring well. I would like to believe that he also has signified his desire to take the number 1, if not, why would there be speculations roaming around that he would be taking the number 1, right? Also, there seems to be a lot of vacant numbers, Mets should have already started scouting for potential players right now, although their recent composition is already good considering how well the team is doing right now.

    Submitted by cwebb (not verified) on Wed, 02/22/2012 – 9:14pm.
    #7 Bob Geren – Bench Coach(Who used to wear that number? Oh yeah Kevin Mitchell! How dumb of me!)
    #18 Tim Teufel – 3rd Base(I was certainly hoping for #11)
    #25 Ricky Bones – Bull Pen Coach
    #26 Tom Goodwin – 1st Base
    #78 Eric Langill – Batting Practice Pitcher
    #79 Dave Racaniello – Bullpen Catcher(switched from #54?)

    Submitted by cwebb (not verified) on Fri, 02/24/2012 – 10:31am.
    Scott Kazmir would look great in this number imo!

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