Waiting on the Countdown

Still no news on the number front to report, although with just two weeks until pitchers and catchers report you’d expect the Mets begin to fill in the blanks any day now. As previously noted there are 13 players on the current 40-man roster who haven’t received a number assignment. Even following the “buy Andres Torres gear” link from the Mets’ official website doesn’t generate a numbered jersey offer. Is there any doubt this organization is headed for Chapter 11? I’ve really begun to suspect that could be the biggest story of spring training…

In the meantime, I have some projects from friends of MBTN to pass along. Alex Giobbi writes about the Mets, amatuer baseball and other stuff over at Bleacher Report. Alex previously wrote about the Mets on his own “Bleeding Orange and Blue” blog and launched the MBTN Facebook page way back when. One of his recent pieces examines numbers the Mets could retire, in the event you haven’t had enough of that debate yet lately.

There are lists and even more lists in Matthew Silverman’s new book, Best Mets. Matthew worked on the book version of Mets by the Numbers with me and has penned a half-dozen other works on the team including last year’s coffee-table anniversary. Best Mets is unique in that it highlights the lows just as brighly as the highs, so for every recounting of 1986 and 1969 glory, there’s a reminder of 1993 and 1979 torture to accompany it; equal ink is given to the Keith Hernadez trade and the Tom Seaver trade, and so on. It’s non-fiction after all. As with Matt’s other works and his website, its jammed with interesting sidebars and asides that only a fan would know to include. Check it out!

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