Joe Frazier

55The Times reports this morning that former Mets manager Joe Frazier passed away at age 88. Frazier was a longtime organization man promoted to succeed Yogi Berra following the 1975 season. His 1976 Mets won 86 games, but he was not prepared to deal with the tumultuousness between the players and the front office that erupted with dawn of free agency and was replaced early in the 1977 season by one of his own players, Joe Torre. RIP Joe.

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  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by gored82 on Sun, 02/20/2011 – 8:54am.
    Frazier actually succeeded Roy McMillan, who took over for Berra on August 6, 1975, ironically 2 years to the day after he became a coach under Berra. He also served as a coach for Frazier. McMillan also played for the Mets, having been acquired in a trade from the Milwaukee Braves for Adrian Garrett (Wayne’s big brother) and the aforementioned Jay Hook on May 8, 1964. Roy M wore 11 as a player and 51 as coach and manager.

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