Blanco Inc.

The Mets on Thursday signed chubby veteran defensive specialist Henry Blanco to further bolster a catching corps that earlier in the week landed Chris Coste and apparently isn’t done shopping yet.

The Mets will become Blanco’s 8th team in 12 years. His numerical history is just as busy, having worn 54 (Dodgers), 35 (Rockies), 12 (Twins), 20 (Braves), 21 (Twins), 9 and 24 (Cubs) and most recently, 28 with the Padres.Given that Blanco looks to inherit Omir Santos‘ old role as primary reserve, he could wind up in No. 9, but I think he takes what he gets. Surely he’s a better bet for the 23 jersey Brian Schneider just gave away. Or they could salute themslves for being Blanco’s newest employer and dust off the old No. 8 that’s been in storage for years while they tentatively wrestle with the idea of honoring Gary Carter. But I wouldn’t count on that.

Who Blanco caddies for remains a mystery. The Mets are said to admire Bengie Molina though I cannot understand why. As said before perhaps they look into a trade. Ryan Doumit of Pittsburgh? Dionner Navarro of the Rays? Who knows.

Thanks to Jack Looney’s indespensable NOW BATTING NUMBER for the Blanco history.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    so what was wrong with santos?

    Submitted by 9th string catcheer (not verified) on Thu, 12/17/2009 – 5:33pm.
    I thought he made a great backup catcher.

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