We’ve Been Having Fun All Summer Long

Oh, you SHaMs, you. Way back at the All-Star Break when we naiively dreamed you had a run in you, we speculated it would take at least 45 victories out of the final 75 games for a realistic shot at the postseason, and a sizzling 50 wins to be safe.

To my horror, my anger, and eventually my acceptance, the Second Half Mets went and lost 47 of their next 75. Only a freak 3-game sweep against the mailed-it-in Astros this weekend stemmed the bleeding at 92 losses, and assured the SHaMs wouldn’t reach the magical 50-loss post-all-star-break plateau.

Still, it’s a pathetic showing thoughout, and tragic to have missed such a great opportunity to be the kind of up-against-it underdog the fans could get behind. The question shouldn’t be, “Has any team ever lost so many players to injury?” It ought to be “Has any team ever lost so many players to injury and failed to replace even one of them adequately?” Right? We got Jerry’s passive skippering, a parade of nondescript clockpunchers and a team that until the end preferred to playSchneider over Thole, and anybody over Evans, while even the regulars loafed about, made ridiculously costly errors, threw ball four eight times a night, whiffed with runners on third, bunted in every situation except those that might drive in a run, and indifferently flew out to medium right while while gift-wrapping signature moments for nearly every team they played down the stretch.

Hey, Mets: BOOOOOOO!

Yeah, take that.

It’s obvious that Jerry ought to be fired. He hasn’t gotten though to the players, the team barely had a single good run all year, and his passive managing style (“Hey. let’s go out there and try not to lose!”) drives me crazy and doesn’t work. Omar should have been whacked last season for sitting on his hands while the Mets shanked a second gimmee putt, and the strenuous, reactive fiasco of acquiring not one but two faltering closers last offseason only to see the SS Met spring a few hundred other leaks, many of them completely foreseeable and potentially preventable (starting pitching, Brian Schneider, right field) should be answered for as well.

They won’t be. Instead the Mets are making a show of blaming a development staff for failing to make major-league ready replacements of the 16-year-olds they signed in 2005. That and promising to try and do better. Hey, good luck, Mets!

I’m going to go ahead and name Luis Castillo the MBTN Player of the Year for 2009. He atoned for a bad season in 2008, he committed the signature screwup in a season jammed with them, but most of all, he really loved to bunt. May his example of improvement through desperation revisit the Mets in 2010.

There were 52 53 Mets in 2009, including 26 first-time players. The Number of the Year is 29: Issued to three of those 26 newbies, and one repeater who I’ve   already forgotten was a 2009 Met: Emil BrownAndy GreenRobinson Cancel and Tobi Stoner.

We’ll be back to keep current with the hot stove and other stuff too! For now, go Jets!

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    so, who’s accountable?

    Submitted by Nino Staub (not verified) on Tue, 10/06/2009 – 6:01am.
    Is this year’s failure really going to be on Sandy Alomar and Luis Alicea? And if one is picking on coaches, why isn’t Razor Shines being sent to the Mexican league? Their coaching staff stunk, so why wait until the end of the year?

    The team is handicapped by bad contracts and a depleted farm system. It is led by a manager who failed to make anyone improve. The team needs energy and creativity, and the Mets give us Jerry and Omar? Get me my season tix now.

    I only know one thing for certain, and that is that I can’t sit through 162 more of Jerry’s press conferences.

    Bo&B awards

    Submitted by hodges14 (not verified) on Tue, 10/06/2009 – 4:24pm.
    If you want to see the awards for this year’s team ,check out the Bleeding orange an Blue link. I think I did them correctly.

    Here here

    Submitted by Bobby (not verified) on Wed, 10/07/2009 – 9:52am.
    Here here, sadly have to agree with you on this one. What ashame eh?

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