Where’s that Confounded Bridge?

Ten games in and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of team the Mets have here. I’m encouraged that the big hitters for the most part are off to a good start but worried about the starting pitching. The so-called “clutch hitting” hasn’t come around but neither have Jerry Manuel‘s revoltingly passive game plans, which might be driving me craziest of all.

Camon, Jerry: If you’re going to call a sacrifice bunt every time a leadoff hitter reaches base, you had better be cashing that runner in consistently not to mention executing the sacrifice properly in the first place. But the success rate on both tasks has been just dismal and the sense of gently screwing yourself out of opportunities is palpable. Play with only two outs every time you get a guy on base and of course the clutch hitting is going to look awful. It came as no surprise to me that both of John Maine‘s poor pitching innings the other night came after failing in sacrifice situations the inning before. Not to put too fine a point on it, but bunting is for losers.

Anyway, Thursday’s game marked my first visit to CitiField and other than a bad game and an arctic chill every bit as cold as Shea on its rawest day, I was impressed with the new park. I like the wide concourses where plenty of light and a lack of crowding helped me recognize friends wandering around I would never have come across in the old building. My modest seats this season — up in Promenade 521 — more or less replicate the look from Mezzanine 10 in the old place, which is fine with me and every bit as affordable. I ate El Verano tacos and Box Frites and can recommend both. I do not like not being unable to see the bullpen. Bottom line: If the Mets can play better and the weather can get warmer, we’ll all have an excellent time there.

Tonight while again battling poor execution and way too much passive play we eventually beat the Brewers in part by not making an out on purpose in the ninth. We saw the 500th home run from Gary Sheffield, who despite what the morons on the call-in shows are saying, is exactly the kind of threat on the bench this team has needed for a long while. His turns at-bat have been almost all good no matter the results so far. Congrats, Gary.

9The 9th inning rally tonight featured the debut of reserve catcher Omir Santos, who was recalled from Buffalo this evening when Brian Schneider went onto the disabled list with back woes. Santos wore No. 9, recently turned in by Marlon Anderson. As for Schneider, I wouldn’t be surprised if his run as the starting catcher could come to an end sooner rather than later.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Ambiorix Lockwood (not verified) on Sat, 04/18/2009 – 6:04pm.
    I’d rather have Rob Schneider behind the plate than Brian Schneider, but I fear that Castro will never stay healthy for more then 12 starts in a row. A terrible shame, since his bat is fearsome, and is pretty good defensively. We could really use a stud defensively or offensively to balance the load back there. Amazingly, our starting catcher is neither.

    Can’t Find The Bridge

    Submitted by Adam (not verified) on Sat, 04/18/2009 – 11:37pm.
    Got to love a post with a Ledd Zeppelin lyric as its title.

    Agree with the poster above. i would love for Castro to play more, however he never stays healthy when the opportunity opens up.

    agree with your post on Manuel’s style. He rarely hits and runs and bunts as often as possible. Saturday he put the hit and run and and it backfired, but I still will take it. Bunt worked also. however, they need to make things happen. waiting for some innings with 5 or 6 consecutive hits. Wright needs to start makeing better contact. He is starting like last year, plenty of hits, no big ones.

    Not sure why they did not put Pelfrey on the DL. I fear they lost O’Day to save a start for Pelfrey where he will just have to miss his second start next week as so often happens.

    the crunge

    Submitted by Jon Springer on Sun, 04/19/2009 – 11:33am.
    Yeah I’m not the biggest Castro supporter either. There’s nothing more useless than a reserve player who cannot be counted on to be ready when you need them.

    I don’t see an easy solution to the catching situation but with Schneider hurt already, it can’t bode well for him. He’s out of here at year-end anyway, no reason to spare his feelings anymore. And they whispered he was hurting last season.

    Reyes are Wright are a little off their optimal games so far. I’ll take the singles but both guys can drive the ball better than they have so far.

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